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Train the Trainer
It's unfortunate that many people are literally thrown into the trainer role with no preparation.  Just because a person has great skills in a given discipline doesn't mean they have skills to share that expertise with others.  I've also seen the training section used as a dumping ground for both disgruntled employees and employees who did not have the wherewithal to do their previous job.   So many managers do not have the "stones" to fire employees and they end up transferring the less than desirable employee to the training section.  I've been hired to fix a couple of these type of so called "training sections".  I always enjoyed turning these  people into real professional trainers.  A part of that transformation is teaching these people "how to teach".    Some of the slide decks I've used to prepare new trainers to become successful trainers are located on the SAMPLE PRODUCTS page.    This takes three days to work through in a small group discussion format.  There is a workbook/reader that I use along with these slide decks also on the sample products page.

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