You may provide feedback on this site or request a dialog using the contact form or email me directly.  I’m also available for consulting on learning issues at no cost.  That’s right, no cost.  Why no cost?  Because many people fear outside consultants and are reluctant to ask for help.  They feel that a paid consultant’s only real goal is to generate more paid work.  And as a former consultant for a major international consulting firm, I can say this is often true.  Also, many smaller organizations simply do not have a budget to hire a consultant even though they may really want to ask for help.  Either way, I’m glad to provide what I know about learning and organizational development to you and your organization on a “time available” basis.  I only charge for travel outside the local area and any specialized material that you may need. 


I have also been asked about the "strange" email address i now use.  This is my "all around" business email that I use not only for STEEDS but also for my landscape business, JoeDirt LLC.  In this business, I provide tractor services such as heavy mowing, post holes and backhoe and loader work.  It makes it easier to have just one email for all my work. 

I look forward to answering your email.

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