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I'll be posting info about new guns here as I have access to them.

Ok friends, if you love the S&W EZ chambered in .380 and 9MM then you're probably going to love the same gun but chambered in the new Federal 30 Super Carry.  So what is the 30SC all about.  Very simply, it's a .30 caliber round so it's smaller in diameter than the .380 / 9mm.  The 30 SC round is a little longer but by being a smaller diameter, this firearm carries 10 rounds in the magazine versus 8 rounds in the .380 and 9MM versions.  So there you have it, 2 additional rounds of carry ammo in the same size as the other EZ models.  So you have to ask yourself, do i want 2 additional rounds or do i go with the 8 round version?  That's a personal decision that you have to make but for me, I'll take more ammo any day.  

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