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Hello, Thanks for stopping by the STEEDS website!


"Not Many of you should become teachers, my brothers and sisters, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strickness."  James 3:1.  ESV. 


"Teaching is the only major occupation of man for which we have not yet developed tools that make an average person capable of competence and performance. In teaching we rely on the 'naturals', the ones who somehow know how to teach."  Peter Drucker

STEEDS is my Shooting Training, Education, and Employee Development Services site. I've worked developing the skills of those around me, above and especially those below me for over 40 years.  I believe in the value of preparation to succeed in life.  Luck favors the prepared.  Maybe that's a holdover from my days as a Boy Scout, but I've always tried to be prepared for whatever adventure life offered me.   I've captured a few of the things I've written over the last couple of years related to talent development in general in this web site.  I'm always interested in learning more and in your feedback.  Use the CONTACT page to email me or just click on the link at the bottom of every page.  As they say on APT:  "LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERYDAY!" 


AND NOW AN IMPORTANT NOTE:  As I've retired from the education and training consulting world, I have shifted my focus to teaching new and old friends to be more effective at using firearms.  Most of my site still reflects my adult education and training focus but as I have time I will gradually transition from employee development to firearms safety and proper use.  This is a slow process so don't be upset if you see more content related to education/training and employee development than in my new passion, firearms safety and use.  The new email address ( reflects this shift of focus.

Here's what I'm about now!

After over 40 years working in all types of education and training environments, both active military, government, contractor and corporate, I've decided to actually retire.  Or so I planned.  I planned to work on my retirement farm in Tennessee and enjoy driving all of my tractors, hunting turkeys and generally getting better at shooting and working with guns.  To achieve that last goal, I attended a National Rifle Association (NRA) instructor class in Birmingham and became a Certified NRA instructor.  As I continue to be blessed far beyond my ability to understand how or why, I was contacted by a local shooting range manager and asked to join the instructional staff on a part time basis.  So as I am into my septuagenarian years, I now work two days a week as an instructor and range safety officer at a local gun store and range.  This gives me the other days to play at my farm on my tractors and of course, attend my various medical doctor appointments. 

STEEDS MISSION STATEMENT:  I'm a big believer in Talent Development.  And at this point in my life that means developing better skills in gun handling, safety and marksmanship as well as promoting shooting sports as a positive behavior.  But talent development doesn't just happen.  Everyone needs guidance to develop talent, no matter what the skill, shooting is no exception.  I believe in successive approximations; that is, gradually providing guidance through telling, training, transfer of responsibility and finally fully trusting the new shooter and gun owner to successfully care for and use their chosen firearm.  I believe talent development is task specific.  That is, a person can complete a given task very successfully, but fail completely at an unrelated task.  It's our job as NRA Instructors to provide instruction and both positive and corrective feedback to all of our students.  As we develop them in each task their overall ability and thus their firearm skills will grow accordingly. My Shooter Development Model is designed to focus on developing task specific skills which then aid the firearm owner in successful task completion which then leads to a spiral development of increasing skills an responsible firearm ownership.  I'm convinced based on my years in leadership and management positions and my many research projects that anyone who takes responsibility for their firearms will become a more consistent and effective firearm owner.. 


I am certified in pistol, rifle, shotgun and range safety.  I offer my expertise to any person or organization in need of firearms skills development in any of the areas in which I'm skilled, pro bono and time available.  Why free you ask?  Because I've been at this a long time and I've seen many people and organizations in need of help to develop given skills but either had no budget for outside help or were afraid the consultant was only interested in providing just a taste of success until more funding came through for additional work.  Don't let these issues stop you from becoming as successful as possible.  And I never share my client's names with other clients.  It's a privacy thing!   Either way, I’m glad to provide what I know about firearms according to the NRA's approved lesson plans to aid in your firearms skill development to you and your organization on a “time available” basis.  I only charge for travel outside the local area and the applicable required NRA material used in the instruction.



  To become the person my dogs think I am and ...

  • I will be a sought out colleague and friend by sharing my skills so that those around me may be influenced and encouraged to live positively and fruitfully.

  • I will live each day with joyfulness and authenticity and seek to attract others who long to share their true passion, love, and faith so that together, we may make a difference in people’s lives by helping them face challenging situations with enthusiasm and strength. 

  • I  will look at situations from a positive light and remember that I could find myself in anyone's shoes and appreciate and enjoy life situations more.  My positive outlook will bring me closer to others and send positive energy to those around me.

  • I  will learn something new every day and promote the value of learning to others.

Information on this website is subject to copyright and may not be downloaded or copied without permission. 

All content is intended only to demonstrate my ability and may not be used for any other use by viewers of this website.

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